Art Intersects Spring Sessions


Art Intersects, the workshop entrepreneurship series we created in partnership with Staten Island Arts is back. Join us for the Spring sessions of Art Intersects.

Art of the Risk
Wednesday March 19th
SI Artist Building, 73 Wave Street
The path to a nontraditional career as an artist is often closely associated with taking risks. Risks are often scary to approach. Yet when taking on risks, creatively and well informed, one can yield new opportunities and growth . Art Intersects invites professional artists in different disciplines to discuss how to structure risk in an art career.

What are the biggest risks they took? How can one gain the creative confidence to take risks and pursue larger goals? Is it risky to exhibit, invest, spend time and money on an art career? How can you prepare for and manage risk as an art entrepreneur? What mistakes did they make? What did they do right?


The Exhibiting Artist and Maker
Thursday April 17th
Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Building P
Exhibitions are intersections themselves: where art, and public meet, a place where artists form relationships to the outside world. New opportunities to exhibit and forms of exhibits from new galleries, pop-up shops, grass root galleries, and open studios create a changing landscape for artists to navigate.

Art Intersects convenes with exhibiting artists, gallerists and boutique owners themselves to learn from an insiders perspective. What sets an excellent exhibit above an average one? What can an artist do leading up to, before and after exhibiting, trade show and open studios? What can you learn from interacting with a new audience? How can you maximize exposure and create lasting relationships? What are the costs to participate? How do you plan to regain costs and gain a profit?