Art of Risk

“If it’s still in your mind it is worth taking the risk.” Paul Coelho. Do you choose the path of being creative or do you follow it because it will not let you be? First off you”ll notice that the path of the artist or creative is often associated with taking risks. What does it mean to take risks to achieve your goals?


A risk is defined as a situation involving exposure to danger. For the purposes of this blog, we’ll define a creative risk as something that may be uncomfortable with real or imagined consequences. This could be submitting work to a gallery, investing in supplies, selling your art, networking, transitioning to a full-time artist career path. The question for many is how and when. What strategies do you use to tackle these risks?

At the roundtable discussion at Art Intersects with Staten Island Arts Council, we asked artist from diverse backgrounds to illuminate risks that brought them closer to their careers as professional artist goals as professional artists. After a lively conversation, we distilled the top points to consider when taking a creative risk.

Get feedback.
Filtering in feedback can lead to smarter risk taking. Learn to listen and use this data to your financial gain. It’s usually free to ask for advice from others.

Start small.
How can you start project small while still maintaining non- art related current income. Research project based grants for the individual artist or your particular medium.

Enjoy the “near win.”
What would you try if you knew how to frame the result. If you can embrace the results both positive or negative as part of the process, you can be “free.”

Work without a template.
As a creative what you’re doing is different than anything else out there, so it is bound to be scary, new and uncharted territory. Research similar artist or makers see where their success or failures could be valuable to you.

Art Intersects is a professional development workshop series that addresses practical business thinking and financial strategies for success around making a living from your art. Created in conjunction with by Staten Island Arts in partnership with

These basic steps can help get the ball rolling and see beyond those hurdles we call risk. Here at Live With Design we are interested to hear your initiatives for taking risk?
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