Artists don’t get to know your audience- find your influencers

Knowing who your audience is the cornerstone of creating a business but for many artists having or catering to an “audience” goes against the grain of establishing authenticity and integrity in one’s art work. Live With Design frames the challenge for artists by allowing them to understand the influence or impact already apparent in their art work. Building influence is something artists thrive at naturally by bringing their voice to their work. Finding the influencers in your audience is about finding where your voice will be heard.

Here’s a five-minute exercise. Grab some paper, pen or even some post-its.

1. Develop Personas. First identify who your  audience is define the  demographic through their economics, lifestyle, wants and needs.

2. Once the audience is determined, Live With Design’s creative approach leads to an understanding of our target audience by looking at what influences them. What does your audience listen to, read, care about and buy? Divide a paper into 4 quadrants and begin brainstorming on these characteristics.

Mapping infleuncers

Worksheet for Artist to find influencers

The goal of this interactive exercise is to illustrate how to find one’s audience, by exploring current influences in order to allow artists to understand how to create new paths to reach their community. Establishing an audience from one’s community can align artists with revenue streams that allow them to thrive.