Bronx Pop Up Festival Interactive Workshops this Saturday

We’re creating a design learning center at Mass Mosaic’s Bronx’s launch and festival. If you enjoyed what has turned into annual “pop up” conferences, Cultivate Community Space, #ArtistEngage , and Art Intersects, then join us on AUG 16 for a free popup event for Abundance in the Bronx!

Mass Mosiac will showcase anything the community wants to exchange in fun and interesting ways! Popups, artists, trainings, skill shares, food and more will be happening!

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At our events, we challenge the meaning of design, and the meaning one creates using design.  Design is known as a tool for innovation and a producer of visual aesthetics. We’re the ambassadors applying design to everyday challenges and thinking, by inviting different disciplines and perspectives to our community events. Our format focuses on interaction using explorative dialog, active participation and tools of social engagement.

Workshop: Design the Future of Everyday Living

Time: 2pm

The rise of the sharing economy is about finding new patterns and rethinking behaviors in your daily life. At Live with Design, we bring the power of design to your life by envisioning the world we want to live in and create together in our facilitated workshops. By illustrating everyday patterns, habits and thinking through using the design thinking process we aim to create and understand new paths in our thinking that can translate to action.  In this workshop, we will ask “How might we redesign our daily lives to make a creative and liveable world?”

 Dialog:  Sharing through conversation

Time: 4pm

What is the current status of conversation in our lives today. How might we begin to restore conversations in our lives through the sharable economy narrative?  Live with Design believes conversation is vital to sharable communities.  The stories that people create and share through bartering, and gifting are as valuable as the goods and services themselves. Conversations are the vital to  maintaining connections in relationships and networked through sharing hub. Let’s tell and create the stories that we’d like to see spread through the act of sharing.

Workshop and Installation: Artist’s Align with Sean Paul Gallegos

Time: 5pm

This third session will be in true Sean Paul Gallegos style as a triptych.

Consisting of a pop-up exhibition featuring his recent work, a video of his process for the large screen montage and an interactive interview with Live With Design founder Brielle Maxwell.

 The art exhibition portion will consist of a triptych of tintype, medium format photo and sculpture worn in the photos.  Also present will be the giant egg completely hand sewn for Faberge’s Big Egghunt this past april in Rockefeller Center.  The video to added to the montage was created in 2013 for La Bienal at El Museo Del Barrio and is an excellent example of Sean Paul’s first steps to creating his amazing sculptures.

The third component “the interview” will be dialogue based video around taking the next steps to turning your art into a business. Sean Paul’s interview will either be live or pre-recorded by Live With Design founder Brielle Maxwell from his artist residency in Trinidad, Colorado.  The interview will be based on his theory of  “art instigation”, his own personal style of information revolving around how to treat your art as a business. This interview is a continuation of Sean Paul’s collaboration with Live With Design for Art Intersect’s workshops created for the Staten Island Arts Council.