Creative Brainstorming on Creating and Funding Design Solutions

We have a vision of local communities coming together to co-create and crowdfund innovative projects. The challenge is how to build a community of people interested in design solutions for social change?

Enter MakeSense, a worldwide community of 15,000 volunteers in 86 cities around the globe.They give their time & skills to help Social Entrepreneurs can increase their impact by finding solutions to their problems. They know how to build community and throw a creativity workshop, HOLD-UPs are creativity workshops during which 10 to 15 SenseMakers gather to solve the challenge of a social entrepreneur.


Post your challenge on, or choose the one you would like to solve!

After the post-it brainstorming with divergent and convergent phase, ideas were gathered into 6 clusters the entrepreneur can leverage on to build a community:

Channels / Feelings / Actors / Rewards / Features / Interests

The participants then formed 5 groups of 2 to work on crafting solutions that could help grow the community, picking 1 post-it in each cluster.


The insights and concepts were well articulated. The ideas brought new thinking to the table and confirmed directions we want to pursue. Here are spotlights and their 30 second pitch!

Travels around the world

A lot of people travel all around the world, for instance participating in cultural exchange programs sending young people to developing countries. They usually share their experience through social media.

What if they could use a platform to not only share what they are doing but also get insights and ideas from the community back home, and vice-versa? The platform could host exhibitions on the work to reach a larger audience with an online/offline approach.


Projects find the volunteers

The vast majority of platforms work in a way so that volunteers can find projects to work on / contribute their skills. But what if it was working the other way around?

Vine Campaign

It’s important to engage each audience with the appropriate tools.How could the platform attract a young crowd of high-schoolers and engage them to be active change makers in their neighborhoods? A way to do that could be to build a Vine campaign on the cleanliness topic. The campaign could be named “Clean & Share” and offer high-schoolers to create videos fostering empathy and showing what could happen if they don’t clean (slip on a banana skin, for instance). Building rewards depending on the video’s popularity on the platform could be a great way to attract people there; not only high-schoolers, but their families too.

Framework for Challenges

It would be great to have a video on Design Action Lab website inviting people to submit their ideas and projects. But then, you need to guide people to make sure they express their challenge clearly. People working and who have knowledge of system disruption could be the builders of the scaffolding/framework for building project. They would bring useful insights and guide the process and thinking on how to implementing social change.

We are grateful for the all the participants brain power to help Brielle and the Live With Design team move forward with their vision! Special thanks to Aurélie Lionet & Julie Duvergé for facilitating and leading the charge.

Keep posted and participate in future MakeSense Holdups and other events by joining the MakeSense community here: and stay tuned to Live With Design events on