Igniting a sharing economy

We are passionate to create a community in new and old spaces utilizing forward thinking movements. Recently, we became advocates and ambassadors of the sharing economy as Live With Design participated in Mass Mosaic’s Bronx Pop Up Festival.  Mass Mosaic is a website that lets you easily exchange anything your want or have with your friends, groups, and community.


So what is the concept of a sharing economy? Quite simply, it’s when people fulfill their wants and needs by trading, sharing and exchanging skills, services or goods. In today’s economy people are living off less, the sharing economy serves as a place to meet your everyday needs. Our goal at the festival was twofold, to engage participants in a dialog and instigate action through a visual exhibition. The dialog aimed to frame their collective ideas around the sharing economy. For exhibition, Sean Paul Gallegos shares his transformational opportunities present in the discards of mainstream culture that make up the medium for his sculptures.


Our dialog “popped up” on the grass of the Andrew Freedman home to create a scene for our lively discussion. In a broad and emerging space like the sharing economy, there can be many avenues to explore during a community discussion. To facilitate the conversation, each group member introduced themselves and then posed a “how might we question” that they wanted to invite the participants to answer. “How might we questions” originated in the practice of creative problem-solving, as a way to frame a question that welcomes diverse thinking and new perspectives. As a recap here are some highlights of our discussion. We invited new doors to open by thinking of spaces the sharing economy doesn’t currently live. While the sharing economy often focuses on consumption of goods and services. We envision a place of exchange and sharing in which takes place during the creation of goods as well So goods are designed and created through the sharing economy not just passed down from their corporate structure to be shared afterward.

Looking at the sharing economy and the startup world,  we found while entrepreneurs are identifying the need to facilitate transactions,  making it seamless for communities to interact in the sharing economy. A question that sparked the conversation asked was, “How might we encourage momentum for and between the works of communities?” To answer that question we began to explore the products and platforms now emerging, and recognized there is still a gap between the vision and reality. The group identified the equation as the interaction between the concept, space and community. With all the layers of complexity present in the equation, the group felt the way forward was cross collaboration and promotion in order for all components to be present.


The exhibit portion brought the rich visual narrative of Sean Paul Gallegos to the festival. On view was triptych of a tintype, medium format photo portrait, and headdress sculpture.  The portraits evoke a classic native scene, yet when closely examining the headdress sculpture worn in the photos and then seeing it in person, challenges one to incorporate modern day elements of a discarded icon.  The giant egg entirely hand sewn for Faberge’s Big Egg hunt this past April in Rockefeller Center illustrated the impact of Sean Paul’s work on a large scale, it was a subject of curiosity and praise as a focal point to the entrance of the Andrew Freedman home. Learn more about Sean Paul’s work as he partners with Live With Design to create Align a series of interactive dialogue based workshops around taking the next steps to turning your art into a business.


The igniting of the sharing economy is about embracing new patterns, rethinking behaviors and connections in your daily life.  By bringing our work to the community we see stories that are being told that go beyond “share or die” to a new outlook of share and thrive. We are looking forward to seeing how communities utilize Mass Mosaic as a platform to create an abundance of sharing, trading and exchanging. Check out the official Bronx Pop Up Festival recap video!