• Bradford Method
  • Bradford Method

Project Goals

Shonda Bradford is building a transformative and challenging fitness brand with the distinct offering in pilates. Our objective was to translate a high impact brand story into a seamless visual identity, and interactive website, in order to effectively attract new clients.


Leading the redesign began with creating a new identity with Live with Designer, Sandhya Moraes. The brand represents a fine-tuned level of expertise in fitness while remaining inspiring and chic. Shonda works with a clientele who is ready to make an extensive commitment to a challenging fitness regime. With Shonda’s hands on approach, she needed to cater to the right kind of clientele being selective while remaining welcoming. 


The website focused on spotlighting right attitudes for her clientele with ease of meeting their goals of signing up for a class, consultation or one-on-one training. 


Shonda’s established as a destination for pilates training. The launch of the website for her seasonal studio in the Hampton’s studio was followed by a successful expansion with a year-round studio in Manhattan.