A history in transition, the Music Building is home to many rock legends since its creation in 1979. It’s founders were looking to facilitate relationships with the next generation of bands emerging from their notorious walls. These relationships would form the foundation that would be necessary to build the Music Building into a platform brand, one that could venture to new cities.

Live With Design team members Ruhi Shamim and Brielle Maxwell rock out at the Music Building through their own special style of branding.

In April 2011, with the knowledge that creating this branded environment needed to be nurtured both online and off, LWD opened Room 505 at the Music Building. It’s a community-based headquarters within the Music Building, and the results were both productive and exciting.

Since early 2013, Live With Design’s Ruhi Shamim has organized over 40 community events in Room 505. Including workshops, jam sessions, live performances and even music video shoots. From the last 6 months we saw an increase in attendance from 15 to over 50 participants per event, an increase in organic growth on our Facebook page by 50% and our newsletter growth rose to a 39% open rate. All these statistics are well above the industry standard. And this is just the beginning we are now renovating Room 505. LWD intends to expand our programming and partner with local businesses who are interested in collaborating on experiential marketing concepts.

Our challenge was to produce a place where relationships flourished in a free creative environment. Where artists and musicians could interact and network, while they were in The Music Building. Our events focused heavily on collaboration and participation, so we could feature the talents of this community. We illustrated the importance of content strategy both online and off while creating high-quality examples. These photos, videos, and audio recordings became essential since this content led to high-engagement levels on our Facebook page. This content released in conjunction with community events had the highest level of virality. These photos and videos became a lasting part of the brand we created for The Music Building. Thus translating the value of the Music Building brand to the artists who participated in our community initiatives.