Design Services

Design Services

 Solve a design challenge and/or visualize the future of your organization. Using design-based methodologies and structured project timelines we can help to identify and address actionable solutions. With our collaborative structure, we offer a variety of approaches, and a network of experts to create custom engagements.

Curated Events

We create and produce a diverse range of hands-on learning experiences for you and your team. We do this based on design practices tailored to entrepreneurs, the social sector, local businesses and startups. The goal is for participants to harness design processes for desired outcomes. Previous workshops have focused on topics such as: implementing grassroots design research, and investigating the intersection of design and business.

Community Engagement

Engage your current audience to enable growth and deepen capacity. We can help identify, plan and co-create content, both online and off, that sparks desired interaction with your stakeholders and communities.

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We’re happy to help you evaluate the role of design in bringing innovation to your business or organization.


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