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Brielle Maxwell, Design Director

Brielle is a design entrepreneur with a mind for how design processes can align in a new breed of businesses. She created Live With Design to focus on the intersection of design, technology and social innovation. Through an interdisciplinary approach, she hopes to expand the dialogue of social design.

With a background in design management, Brielle communicates the importance of the users’ perspective and a holistic design experience to achieve business and project goals on every team she is on. Her experience comes from four years of strategic design practices and project management in bringing creative web solutions to life. From establishing and managing the budget, defining the scope, facilitating user research, translating user stories and data into project features, Brielle delivers innovative executions. Focusing on user-centered outcomes has allowed her diverse portfolio of dynamic businesses, nonprofits and startups to expand their impact.

Aurelie Lionet, Strategic Designer

Aurelie is a strategic designer who can shape a concept into an action plan. She grew up French Polynesia, lived in Montreal 4 university years, and now lives the city dream in New York.

“I am breathing through creation and creative projects, and I need to use this passion for fostering a positive impact on people and the world.”

She built her expertise in user experience, design thinking and visual design at small design agencies, social enterprises, and diverse startup projects. Aurelie aims to combine her strategy and design skills to build great projects for the greater good.

Rachelle Leskinen, Creative Designer

Rachelle Leskinen is the creative force behind Live with Design and works as the graphic designer and illustrator for our client’s creative needs. From her home in Southeast Michigan, Leskinen creates powerful graphics tailored to reach her audience and successfully build a visual relationship between a client’s brand and their customers.

“Understanding the people who are viewing my work is just as important as designing the art itself to me because one guides the other. Once I understand whom the art is speaking to, the images, colors and overall look can be crafted to fit any communications need.”

Leskinen is a graduate of the College for Creative Studies with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Illustration. Her work has been featured in the Ford Warriors in Pink Campaign, Annual Children’s Book Society Exhibition, and the Whitdel Arts Exhibtion, “The Bitters.”

Thomas Brown, Sales and Marketing

T.K. Brown is a marketing strategist and media communicator with a passion for making media social. He explores communicating in the digital arena by approaching people as human beings first, not as targets. This means each campaign he develops is designed to creatively engage audiences, both online and offline, in a dialogue that emphasizes listening just a much as it does speaking. This “human approach” to communication builds relationships that outlast, outperform and outsell traditional efforts. Brown has worked with digital communicators and strategists at Lowe Campbell Ewald, BOSSdev and the Michigan Department of State Police. Connect @ T.K.Brown@livewithdesign.com

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